What types of foods should I avoid with braces?

For the most part, all you need to remember is to try and stay away from anything that is too sticky, gooey and/or hard. 

Extremely sticky foods like (but not limited to) gum, caramel and chewy candy need to be avoided. These types of foods usually do not break the strong bond of the bracket right away – however, over time these things can weaken the bond until breakage is imminent. 

On the other hand, hard things such as (but not limited to) Ice, hard candy and brittle hard foods can break a bracket bond quickly.  Some hard foods can be broken up into smaller pieces and eaten a little more carefully with no problem. Others, like ice should just be avoided altogether.  Cutting raw fruit and vegetables up into bite-size portions will be recommended. You will not be able to bite directly into things like an apple or corn on the cob for example.  Just cut things like apples up into bite-size pieces and take corn off the cob for example.

Most patients tell us they have not had to give up too much and have easily adapted to these simple guidelines.

How long will I need to wear my braces?

One of the first questions asked at the first visit to our office is how long will I need to wear braces?  Of course, there have been studies to answer this question! In one study, the “average” treatment time was 28.6 months with a range of 23.4 to 33.4 months.  

Here at Dailey Orthodontics, we have narrowed that down greatly by utilizing the advanced technology we incorporate into every patients’ treatment plan, and while every patient is unique, you can expect a full case of braces to take anywhere between 16-24 months.  Our goal is to get you through treatment in the most healthy and successful way!

There are many variables that can contribute to the length of time braces can take to straighten and align your teeth, such as good oral hygiene, minimal to no breakage, attending your regular scheduled adjustment appointments and wearing your elastics (more on that later!)  Working together we can make this experience a positive one! 

Will I experience discomfort from my braces?

Our patients tell us that the discomfort they have experienced with their orthodontic treatment is minimal and the end results totally worth it.  However, since we are moving teeth through bone you may feel some discomfort directly after an adjustment to your braces. This usually lasts anywhere between 2-4 days.  The good news is that there is never any need for prescribed medication. If needed at all, some may decide to take an over the counter pain reliever such as Tylenol (in recommended dosage by manufacturer) to alleviate orthodontic discomfort. 

How much do braces cost?

One of the reasons we offer a Complimentary Consultation is that no two smiles are alike, so answering this question is as individualized as the treatment itself!  Dr. Dailey will access your smile and his Treatment Coordinators will work hard to get you a comfortable no interest payment plan in place so that you are free to focus on your goal for a happy and healthy straight smile for a lifetime!

What is the process of putting on braces?

Once Dr. Dailey has determined your course of treatment, our team goes into action!  Our experienced technicians will seat you and go over the process. Your teeth will be prepared for placement and Dr. Dailey will make sure each bracket is strategically placed for optimal movement.  Once brackets are in place the technician will place your first wires. That’s it! You’re on your way to achieving that healthy happy smile! All of this can be at your very first visit which our patients tell us was a wonderful surprise! 

How do I care for my braces?

Once your braces have been placed, your orthodontic technician will go over everything you need to know to take the best care of your braces.  They will go over brushing techniques, foods to avoid and give you an orthodontic care bag. You will have everything you need to begin your journey towards a healthy smile!

Will braces interfere with my lifestyle?

Absolutely NOT!  Since we are sure you already brush your teeth, see your dentist for regular cleanings and are planning on sticking to the guidelines we give you, we are sure your everyday activities will not be interrupted.  If you play any type of sport, a mouthguard is recommended. Don’t worry—we have you covered there as well! Dailey Orthodontics offers mouthguards at the office for a minimal cost.

What is the best age to visit an orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) recommends that all children see a certified Orthodontist by age 7.  See our link to information about our 7 and Up Club on our home page for more detailed information.

That being said, it is never too late to see a certified orthodontist!  Our adult patients tell us so many wonderful stories of why they choose to finally take charge of their smile once and for all!  We love seeing these patients with beaming smiles after treatment is completed! It’s just the best feeling ever!