7 Great Reasons to Join Our 7 & UP KIDS CLUB

There are 7 great reasons to join Dailey Orthodontics’s 7 & Up Kids Club! When your child receives an early orthodontic evaluation at age 7, they can benefit in the following important ways…

  1. Identify Missing or Extra Teeth
  2. Habit Correction
  3. Tooth Eruption Guidance
  4. Correct Jaw Growth Abnormalities
  5. Create Room For Crowded Teeth
  6. Improve Self-Esteem
  7. Prevent Damage & Trauma to Teeth & Gums

We have an 8th reason to join our 7 & Up Club at Dailey Orthodontics, too: we know how to HAVE FUN! Keep reading to learn more about the ways that Dr. Dailey and our orthodontic team strive to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Get Spotted and WIN!!!

Here’s How:

  • Pick up one of our DO car magnets and put it on the back of your car.
  • Go about your normal daily activities! You may be “spotted” by one or more of the Dailey Ortho team!
  • When your car is “spotted” with your DO magnet, the mobile team will snap a photo of the back of your car. If you are parked, you may also find a “You’ve Been Spotted” flyer on your windshield!
  • The photo will be posted on our Dailey Orthodontics Facebook page and in our office. (License plates will be blurred for privacy and security.)  When you see your vehicle on Facebook, email us at info@daileyortho.com. You can also check out photos in our office to find out if you have been spotted!
  • Whenever your car is spotted, you will be entered to win Great Prizes! We will have monthly drawings beginning Dec. 1st. Winners will be notified by email, and prizes will be awarded in the office.