Achieve Your Healthiest Smile in a Fraction of the Time with Our Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment Options

If you are looking for fast braces treatment, Dailey Orthodontics has just the tools you need! Dr. Dailey offers multiple options for accelerated treatment for your convenience. These tools can be used in conjunction with your braces or Invisalign treatment to offer faster treatment times. Whatever treatment path you ultimately opt for, with these added tools, your ideal smile could be here before you know it!


Dailey Orthodontics is pleased to offer OrthoPulse, the very latest in accelerated orthodontic technology. OrthoPulse is a safe, comfortable, FDA-approved device that takes only 10 minutes a day to use. It shines low levels of light to gently stimulate the bone and tissue around your tooth roots. Research studies show that OrthoPulse reduces treatment time by as much as 63% for patients using braces or Invisalign. OrthoPulse even has its own smartphone app to help you track your treatment and stay motivated!

Are you ready to achieve your best smile in no time at all? Call 757.693.4635 or click here to learn how OrthoPulse’s revolutionary acceleration technology can significantly speed up your orthodontic treatment.


Propel works with your own biology by stimulating the bone surrounding your teeth, helping the teeth move faster and more predictably into their ideal position. This allows you to see your new smile faster and requires fewer visits to our office. Propel can be completed right here in our office and yields very little discomfort. There is zero recovery time, and you will be able to return immediately to your normal daily routine.

Propel can be used for approximately 80% of patients receiving orthodontic treatment and works in conjunction with any treatment type, including clear aligners, clear braces, and metal braces. To learn more, schedule your free assessment with our orthodontist in Poquoson, VA, and Hampton, VA by calling 757.279.7198 or clicking here.

Accelerate Your Orthodontic Treatment with Our Orthodontist in Poquoson, VA & Hampton, VA

To learn more about how we can help you achieve your healthiest, most confident smile, contact us and request your FREE Dailey Orthodontics Smile Assessment. During your no-obligation assessment, you will receive a tour of our orthodontic office, a complete orthodontic exam with x-rays, and a comprehensive treatment consultation with Dr. Curtis Dailey. During your consultation, Dr. Dailey will educate you on all your treatment options, including your accelerated options, and will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

Come experience Dailey Orthodontics! You will see for yourself that our orthodontist in Poquoson, VA and Hampton, VA, offers accelerated orthodontic treatment in Hampton, VA, Poquoson, VA, Newport News, VA, Yorktown, VA, Gloucester, VA, Smithfield, VA, Carrollton, VA, Grafton, VA, Seaford, VA and Tabb, VA – and we do it all with a smile! Call 757.279.7198 or click here to schedule your appointment today!